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The Future


Please contact the Helpdesk to find outmore about using RiskScape software and send us your ideas on enhancing the model's functionality or its ability to support your natural hazard management or research requirements

RiskScape receives CRI core funding from the New Zealand government to further develop and enhance the software functionality and capacity to model natural hazard impacts and losses.

Ongoing improvements

RiskScape developers will continue to shape the tool by:

  • Expanding the range of natural hazards to include landslides, storm surge and snow storms (among others).
  • Creating new national and regional asset inventories for New Zealand, including the implementation of building and primary production asset modules.
  • Developing and refining asset vulnerability models through the use of post-event natural hazard impact and loss data.

Community approach

RiskScape operates with a community-based approach, where participating organisations can provide feedback and suggestions for the software development.

Incorporating new datasets

All users have the opportunity to share their data through the RiskScape programme. We can assist users to incorporate their own hazard models and asset datasets.