Class RelationBookmarkParams


public class RelationBookmarkParams extends
  • Field Details

    • skipInvalid

      public boolean skipInvalid

      Setting this to true for a bookmark will cause the relation to skip tuples that were invalid, ideally logging the error to the user in the process. Any InvalidTupleException will be 'swallowed', logged, and moved along.

      Relations should catch expected data issue exceptions and wrap them in an InvalidTupleException if they want them to be skippable with this flag. This is true of the TypeProjection that is applied when the type is set.

    • type

      public Optional<> type
    • mapAttribute

      public Optional<> mapAttribute
    • setAttribute

      public Optional<> setAttribute
    • crsName

      public Optional<String> crsName
    • crsLongitudeFirst

      public boolean crsLongitudeFirst
    • crs

      public Optional<> crs
    • rasterize

      public boolean rasterize
    • rasterizeExpression

      public Optional<> rasterizeExpression
    • rasterizeScaleFactor

      public Optional<Double> rasterizeScaleFactor
    • rasterizeGridSize

      public Optional<Double> rasterizeGridSize
    • layer

      public Optional<String> layer
    • coverageTitle

      public String coverageTitle
    • filter

      public Optional<> filter
    • validateGeometry

      public Optional<> validateGeometry
  • Constructor Details

    • RelationBookmarkParams

      public RelationBookmarkParams()
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    • getDataType

      public Class<?> getDataType()
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      getDataType in class