• Classes
    Helper for handling translation of Enum values for user help, CLI display, etc.
    ClassLoader for use with building ResourceBundles that uses an explicit search path for finding resources for use with ResourceBundleControl to control the order with which values from bundles over-write each other.
    Helper to render Problems for display to users, i.e.
    Extends Java's default ResourceBundle.Control to: * Assumes properties files are encoded in utf-8 instead of latin-1 * Support loading the same named file from different locations to take the super-set of values from all, but with last-one-wins behavior, where last-one is the last resource identified by the classloader as having that name * Disables fall-back locale behavior so that this can be handled in the message source
    A ClassLoader for loading resources from the supplied URLs only.
    MessageSource implementation that will resolve messages: - from many ResourceBundle baseNames - will merge property files with the same base name across a classpath using MergedPropertiesResourceBundle - will fallback through locales for values using built-in ResourceBundle parenting logic