Class VectorToRaster


public class VectorToRaster extends Object

Utility for producing a GridCoverage2D from a Relation, adapted from some geotools code in an unsupported module

Support for integer encoding has been removed in favour of a floating point only. Note that only the 4-byte wide float type is supported here, although it accepts the 8 bit double value - this is because a raster encoded in sRGB will only be 4 bytes, so some loss of precision of value is possible when rasterizing.

TODO This class should probably be split in to a couple of different classes, particularly one for drawing jts shapes, and maybe another for iterating and producing the coverage

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    Modifier and Type
    convert( relation, expression, double scale, org.geotools.geometry.jts.ReferencedEnvelope bounds, String covName)
    protected boolean
    drawFeature( feature, expression, geomMember)

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  • Constructor Details

    • VectorToRaster

      public VectorToRaster()
  • Method Details

    • convert

      public org.geotools.coverage.grid.GridCoverage2D convert( relation, expression, double scale, org.geotools.geometry.jts.ReferencedEnvelope bounds, String covName)
    • drawFeature

      protected boolean drawFeature( feature, expression, geomMember)