Class NoChange

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class NoChange extends Object implements PipelineChange

An answer was given, but no change is to be made to the pipeline's structure

  • Constructor Details

    • NoChange

      public NoChange(Answer answer)
  • Method Details

    • skip

      public static IncrementalBuildState skip(IncrementalBuildState buildState, List<Question> toSkip)
      a handy change that represents an optional question being skipped. These have to be recorded to allow the QuestionSet#getNextQuestions(IncrementalBuildState) routine to record the user's option to not answer some questions.
    • make

      public<IncrementalBuildState> make(IncrementalBuildState currentState) throws BadPipelineChangeException
      Description copied from interface: PipelineChange

      Attempt to create a new IncrementalBuildState for this change

      Specified by:
      make in interface PipelineChange
      a new IncrementalBuildState with this change applied
      BadPipelineChangeException - if something went wrong that wasn't the user's fault
    • getAnswer

      public Answer getAnswer()
      Specified by:
      getAnswer in interface PipelineChange
      the Answer that was ultimately responsible for this PipelineChange being introduced. Note that this might not be the only thing that predicated this change, but it is the last thing that caused it (the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak)