Class StartChainChange

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class StartChainChange extends BasePipelineChange<>

Change for adding a new StepChain to the pipeline being built

  • Constructor Details

    • StartChainChange

      public StartChainChange(Answer answer, String source)
  • Method Details

    • updateAst

      protected updateAst(IncrementalBuildState state, astSegment, validated)
      Description copied from class: BasePipelineChange

      Build a new AST that is the result of this change

      Specified by:
      updateAst in class BasePipelineChange<>
      state - the previous build state that we are building upon
      astSegment - the segment that was parsed and validated. This is not the previous state's ast.
      validated - the chunk of the parsed segment that the validate routine method returned - this is often the node of interest that ultimately gets added to the previous state's ast
      a pipeline ast to be used in the next IncrementalBuildState
    • validateParsedSegment

      protected validateParsedSegment( declaration)
      Description copied from class: BasePipelineChange

      Validate that the parsed pipeline segment is ok to use in this kind of change.

      Specified by:
      validateParsedSegment in class BasePipelineChange<>
      the interesting bit of the pipeline, e.g. a single step, a step chain, whatever
    • getSource

      public String getSource()
      Description copied from class: BasePipelineChange

      TODO maybe break this up in to something else?

      Specified by:
      getSource in class BasePipelineChange<>
      the source code that was assembled to be parsed in to a PipelineDeclaration