Class PipelineChangeInput


public class PipelineChangeInput extends Object

Collected arguments that are given to a PipelineChanger so that it can return a PipelineChange

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getResponse

      public <T> T getResponse(Class<T> expectedType)

      Assuming the change was triggered by a single answer, this returns the single bound response that was part of the answer

    • getResponses

      public <T> List<T> getResponses(Class<T> expectedType)

      Same as getResponse(Class) but for Questions that accept multiple responses.

    • getChangeLocation

      public ChangeLocation getChangeLocation()
      a ChangeLocation that can be used to find the part of the pipeline that could be changed as part of this question's response. The resulting location can be used to get the input struct to provide content assist, as well as allowing the change code itself to have a place to make changes.
    • getQuestion

      public Question getQuestion()
    • getStruct

      public getStruct()
      A Struct representing the input scope currently available.
    • getBuildPoint

      public BuildPoint getBuildPoint()

      The build point that was triggered

    • getAnswer

      public Answer getAnswer()
    • getBuildState

      public IncrementalBuildState getBuildState()