Why use Riskscape?

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Why use RiskScape?

The software is designed to assist organisations and researchers with estimating asset impacts and losses from natural hazards.  The software is modular; taking a set of four inputs for the calculations. Each simulation uses one asset, hazard, aggregation and vulnerability layer. Impacts and losses can be estimated for many different natural hazard and asset combinations. RiskScape is easily adapted for use anywhere in the world.

Science-led development

RiskScape software is developed through scientific collaboration between NIWA and GNS Science.

Easily adapted to meet your needs

The tools in RiskScape enable users to easily import natural hazard models and asset inventories into the software program as layers. The software provides a framework for impact and loss modelling and standard layer attribute code that allows any RiskScape or imported layer combination to be used without need to reconfigure the software. Natural hazard exposure models and asset inventories developed specifically for RiskScape can also save time and money spent on developing these datasets for asset impact and loss modelling.  

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Use anywhere

RiskScape software enables hazard and asset layers to be developed in any major projected or geographic coordinate system.