National Emergency Management Conference 2017, RiskScape workshop

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CDEM workshop 2017

National Emergency Management Conference 2017, RiskScape workshop

MCDEM recently held their annual National Emergency Management Conference, and on the last day (Friday 9 June), RiskScape was given the opportunity to host a workshop. The workshop had a great turn out with over 60 people participating, illustrating how the CDEM sector is increasingly recognising how valuable RiskScape is for calculating risk and impacts of natural hazards.
Led by Sally Potter, the workshop showcased the latest interface and functions of RiskScape, along with exercises that highlighted how RiskScape can be used not only as a risk and vulnerability assessment tool but also for crisis readiness and response. 
It was commented that by an attendee,

“the workshop was really worthwhile to understand how RiskScape worked and to be able to see how it would be useful for future planning in the CDEM sector”.

Another important part of the workshop was to obtain feedback on the current tool and suggestions for moving forward.
The RiskScape team is currently still receiving feedback from the conference, however if you were unable to attend or would like to give some comments please do not hesitate to contact us.