• Class
    Tweaks the display of some GeoTools geometry so that it's more user-friendly.
    Can apply a GridGeometry to a Geometry to be able to slice it up in to cells
    The 'sides' of each axis.
    Creates an index of tuples using an underlying STRtree, implementing a couple of standard routines for querying the index for tuples, dealing with reprojection and other housekeeping concerns.
    An index that when queried will return the nearest neighbour should one exist within a max distance.
    Performs geometry overlay operations on two geometries.
    Geometry operation to return geometries in a ProjectedCRS which makes measuring and other geometry operations easier.
    Represents the four relative locations of rectangles formed by bisecting another rectangle along the X and Y axis.
    Alternative to CutGeometryByGridOp that builds a list of geometries that are intersected at a given grid size by breaking a feature up recursively in order to 'throw away' as many useless large areas as possible in order to cut down on the number of intersections required.
    All the bits and pieces involved in the recursive quadding, plus ways of accessing it