All Classes and Interfaces

Returned from a call to DefaultQuestionSet2.addQuestion(String, Class) to allow simpler declaration of pipeline building following a question being answered
Records an answer to a question that has been bound to a type according to Question.getParameterType()
Records a user's response to a question.
Change for appending a StepChain to a StepChain, elongating it (not creating a branch)
Constant annotation tags for Questions to help refine the Asker class (in wizard-cli) behaviour.
Identifies a location to apply a change by finding the last step that changed in the build state.
Interface for some data that 'backs' a particular question.
Thrown when a PipelineChange is invalid because of a coding error
Base implementation of a phase that takes care of the links between the survey, they phase and the question sets.
Base class for any PipelineChange that follows a standard string -> ast -> validate -> update pattern
Convenient super class for a phase-based Survey.
A BuildPoint that triggers after a single question is answered, even if empty.
Part of the DefaultQuestionSet2 API for defining how PipelineChanges get produced.
Can identify a location at which a PipelineChange can apply to the build state of a pipeline during wizard process.
Backing data for a set of choices.
Binds a Map to a class tagged with Composite
Reconstructs a wizard's answers from INI config.
A QuestionSet that work on a static list of Questions and BuildPoints to satisfy the API contract
Provides some convenience methods to assist generating pipeline DSL code.
Locates the last step in a chain that begins with a particular step.
Helper to access attribute information that's helpful when answering questions that require an Expression answer.
Represents an attribute (member) of the context struct that could be referenced in an expression.
Represents the value that an attribute may contain.
Backing data for question with Expression type answers.
An IncompletePipelineChange is a promise to return a PipelineChange once the defining answer is specified.
The results of building a pipeline incrementally in response to wizard Answers being supplied and PipelineChanges being made.
All the unchanging elements of the IncrementalBuildState, wrapped up in a class for ease of copying/referencing.
Thrown when we cannot generate a PipelineChange because the user has supplied an invalid response.
A pipeline change that allows multiple individual changes to be combined in to one.
An answer was given, but no change is to be made to the pipeline's structure
A way of linking up parts of a survey up so that it can be progressed through linearly
Special parameter type used by surveys that is used to indicate a choice of question set.
Dirt simple binder for creating a PickQuestionSet from a string.
An operation that can return a possibly new IncrementalBuildState in response to an Answer.
Collected arguments that are given to a PipelineChanger so that it can return a PipelineChange
A PipelineChanger is the part of a BuildPoint that returns an IncompletePipelineChange.
A Question to ask the user within a Survey.
The parameter type assigned to all hidden questions.
A functional interface for returning translated strings for a question.
A QuestionSet is a part of a Survey that groups together some questions that can apply a functionally similar set of changes to a PipelineDeclaration.
Imposes an ordered-tree structure on to a list of questions to centralize the logic of moving through a set of questions in the order that the questions impose with their dependencies and order in relation to each other.
A node in the question tree
Allows for one-off changes to an AST that don't match an existing change type.
Change for adding a new StepChain to the pipeline being built
Survey interface that allows the survey to act as the controller part in an MVC-style set up.
A TypedPipelineChanger is the part of a BuildPoint that returns an IncompletePipelineChange.
Builds a model from a saved set of wizard answers.