Highly customisable spatial data processing for multi-hazard risk analysis

General Purpose

Can be used for variety of geospatial,
statistical and data manipulation operations.


RiskScape gives modellers the power
to define their own risk analysis calculation.

Dual Licence

Open-Source Licence for research,
Commercial Licence for corporate

What is RiskScape?

RiskScape is an open-source spatial data processing application used for multi-hazard risk analysis. RiskScape is highly customisable, letting modellers tailor the risk analysis to suit the problem domain and input data being modelled.

What does RiskScape do?

RiskScape provides a flexible data processing framework for building and executing geospatial risk models.

RiskScape can take a variety of input layers and geospatially stitch them together. For example, RiskScape can take a building portfolio and a flood hazard map and tell you the flood depth (if any) that each building was exposed to.


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