Welcome to RiskScape’s documentation


For the Natural Hazards journal article describing the RiskScape software, please see:

Paulik, R., Horspool, N., Woods, R. et al. RiskScape: a flexible multi-hazard risk modelling engine. Nat Hazards (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11069-022-05593-4


This documentation is targeted at users of the RiskScape Command Line Interface (CLI). RiskScape currently does not have GUI (Graphical User Interface).

It is expected that CLI users have an a working knowledge of the command line for the operating system they are using.

Commands and examples used in this documentation are all used from a Unix terminal and tested using Windows PowerShell.



If you are new to RiskScape, start here.

The Installation and setup guide will walk you through how to install RiskScape from a Zip file.

The Getting started modelling in RiskScape how-to guide will introduce you to running RiskScape models, using real-world data to measure the risk of exposure to tsunami for a building dataset in Samoa.


The following tutorials are intended for users who have a sound understanding of the RiskScape basics, covered in the Introduction section, and want to continue progressing their knowledge.

Reference Guides

The following are technical reference guides that describe how various parts of RiskScape work. These reference guides are intended for proficient users who need a deeper understanding of how RiskScape works, or for developers who would like to contribute to the project. New RiskScape users should follow the introductory guides above, before delving into this material.



The following walkthroughs and how-to guides aim to help experienced users to build more complex model pipelines. These pages are intended for users who have a solid understanding of using RiskScape models.

General Information

Developer Guides

The following guides are intended for software developers who want to contribute to the project by extending or modifying the RiskScape Java code. If you are not a Java programmer, but would still like to contribute to the project, then improvements to the RiskScape documentation are also appreciated.