RiskScape™ is Copyright Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited & National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited, and is distributed for research purposes only under the terms of AGPLv3.

Please cite RiskScape in your publications using the citation below.

Get the latest release of RiskScape

The latest stable release is v1.1.0, built 5 May 2022. Click here to view the changes in this release.

Then follow the Installation and setup instructions. Or if you already have RiskScape installed, refer to Upgrading RiskScape.


You can stay informed of new RiskScape releases, as they become available. Refer to the Contact RiskScape page for more details.

Older releases

v1.0.0, built 4 February 2022. Click here to view the changes in this release.

Version numbering

The RiskScape software is continually being improved as new features are developed. The version numbers on this page indicate the specific snapshot of the RiskScape Engine that you are using.

Note that sometimes ‘RiskScape 2.0’ is used to distinguish this newer, CLI-based project from the original GUI-based RiskScape software.

GeoTools patches

RiskScape contains a number of patches to some unsupported modules in GeoTools. We distribute these patches in their own library here in accordance with the terms of the LGPL

How to cite

The citation for RiskScape is: Paulik, R., Horspool, N., Woods, R., Griffiths, N., Beale, T., Magill, C., Wild, A., Popovich, B., Walbran, G., Garlick, R. RiskScape: A flexible multi-hazard risk modelling engine. February 16 2022, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square