Contact RiskScape

Please address your query to the appropriate place.

Software questions

If you have a technical question about how to use a RiskScape command or feature, please visit


Please check that someone else hasn’t already asked the same question as you before posting.

New releases

To stay informed of new RiskScape releases, please subscribe to notifications in the Announce category in This is a low-volume mailing list where you will receive updates as new RiskScape software releases become available.

To subscribe:

  1. Go to the Announcements category

  2. Change your Notifications setting from ‘Normal’ to ‘Watching’ - press the bell button on the right-hand side, next to ‘New Topic’, to find these settings.

Science and terms of use

Please contact NIWA or GNS if you have a question regarding:

  • the scientific applications of using RiskScape for the risk analysis of hazards.

  • the licensing terms under which RiskScape can be used, e.g. you are interested in using RiskScape for commercial purposes.

  • getting paid support for your RiskScape project.

  • getting access to the RiskScape docker image.

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported to Please include the following:

  • riskscape -V output

  • The command you were running.

  • What you expected to happen.

  • What actually happened. Please include any error messages or stack-traces in full.

  • Please re-run the problematic RiskScape command with the --show-project-errors and --show-stacktrace options specified after the riskscape command. For example:

    riskscape --show-project-errors --show-stacktrace model run your-model