Settings file

The RiskScape settings file is used to provide extra settings. In some cases the settings file can be used in place of command line arguments which is more convenient for settings you want to have applied all the time.

The RiskScape settings is an INI format file located at:

  • %USERPROFILE%\RiskScape\settings.ini (Windows)

  • ${HOME}/.config/riskscape/settings.ini (Linux)

  • ~/RiskScape/settings.ini (Mac)

The first time you configure RiskScape settings, you will need to create this directory and file. On Windows, you can do so by entering the following commands into the terminal:

mkdir %USERPROFILE%\RiskScape
notepad %USERPROFILE%\RiskScape\settings.ini


The settings file can be used to load plugins or even to prevent the core plugins from being loaded.

load-plugin = PLUGIN1
load-plugin = PATH/TO/PLUGIN2

# Uncomment the following line to prevent core plugins being loaded.
#no-core-plugins = true


PLUGIN1 could be the directory name of any Default Plugins or Optional Plugins. E.g load-plugin = beta would load the Beta plugin from Optional Plugins.

PATH/TO/PLUGIN is relative to the settings.ini file location